University of Wisconsin–Madison


January – Claire Walker, Genetics student at UW-Madison, joined the lab as a research intern.
Francesca is going to Spain as part of an exchange program. Good luck Francesca!

January – Dr. Manish Sharma joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.
Rezwana Karim, Kendall Gross, and Shan Gill joined the lab as undergraduate researchers.

December – Hugo Lee, an IPiB graduate student, joins the lab.

December – Anil Kiran Chokkalla (IPiB) joined the lab as a first year graduate student.

November – Lucas Klemm (MCP), Yirong Wang (IPGNS) and Sophie Lewandowski (IPiB) rotated in the lab.

October – Anil Chokkalla (IPiB) rotated in the lab, Aishwarya Rengarajan (ERP) rotated in the lab.

September – Giselle Rogers joined the lab, Katie Beverley (ERP) rotated int the lab, Samantha St. Claire (IGPNS) rotated in the lab.

August – Quincy welcomes a new baby girl!

June – Zeynep Oktay, Alexandra Vitale, and Stephanie Ruderman joined the lab.

May – Dr. Feyza Engin is one of two UW-Madison faculty to receive the 2016 Shaw Scientist Award, presented by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. The $200,000 grant provides support to early career investigators pursuing promising ideas in biochemistry, biological sciences and cancer research.

March – Congrats to Engin Lab alumni Elliot Domask on his acceptance into the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

January – Molly Weltzer joins the lab.

Tugce Akcan join the lab.

Elliot Domask joins the lab.

Ross Munce and Madison Wolters joins the lab.

Quincy Harenda joins the lab.

Feyza Engin joins the UW-Madison Department of Biomolecular Chemistry and Department of Medicine.

Feyza Engin receives Research Scientist Development Award (KO1), from the National Institute of Health (NIDDK).

Feyza Engin awarded with a Career Development Award from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.