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Differential expression of Ormdl genes in the islets of mice and humans with obesity

Beta Cell Dedifferentiation Induced by IRE1α Deletion Prevents Type 1 Diabetes
H. Lee
Y. LeeQ. Harenda , S. Pietrzak H. Oktay , S. Schreiber Y. Liao S. Sonthalia A. Ciecko Y. ChenS. KelesR. Sridharan Feyza Engin
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Uncoupling of Metabolic Health from Longevity through Genetic Aleration of Adipose Tissue Lipid-Binding Proteins.
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The Inhibitory G Protien α-Subunit, Gαz, Promotes Type 1 Diabetes-Like Pathophysiology in NOD Mice.
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ER Stress and Development of Type 1 Diabetes
Engin F.
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Cytokines induce endoplasmic reticulum stress in human, rat and mouse beta cells via different mechanisms
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Restoring endoplasmic reticulum function by chemical chaperones: an emerging therapeutic approach for metabolic diseases.
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E-Selectin ligand-1 regulates growth plate homeostasis in mice by inhibiting the intracellular processing and secretion of mature TGF-β
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• Understanding of human birth defects through model organisms
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